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Meet Erika Jayne Design + Build

Don't eat gas station sushi. Choosing the right contractor for your renovation is important. Some things are just common knowledge.

Finding the right match for your project can be like dating. Sometimes online profiles lead to a great conversation. Sometimes a good friend will set you up. You know what you need from this relationship, what your values are, and you're ready to dive in. It's so important to find the right partner. We deeply believe that we should be a good match for you, just as you should be a good match for us!

Erika Jayne of Erika Jayne Design Build perched on a custom made walnut sideboard in a newly design home renovation located in Cabin John, Maryland.
Above: photo of Erika from our Cabin John Park project in Cabin John, MD. Photo: Christy Kosnic

Meet Erika Jayne Design + Build:

After cultivating her style and passion for design while living abroad and working for award-winning design firms, Erika Chaudhuri (read more about Erika) opened her boutique design firm in 2012 as Erika Jayne Design. In 2020, the firm expanded to add full build services as Erika Jayne Design + Build (EJDB). As a licensed General Contractor, EJDB is part of a small minority of US construction businesses owned by women. Erika Jayne Design offers homeowners the unique experience of working with a seasoned designer, skilled in a range of disciplines. As the creative force in the design phase and the manager on the construction site, Erika and her team develop deep personal connections to every project and client. Equally committed to beautiful design selections and ensuring proper installation, every element is executed with the same attention to detail from start to finish.

We believe in design compatibility. Every designer has a voice and a viewpoint. It’s important that you hire a designer whose style speaks to you. We appreciate blending modern and period pieces in the same space. We love mixing texture with subtle neutrals. Hand-crafted, sculptural pieces make our hearts sing. We strive for timeless, refined spaces that are welcoming and comfortable to live in.

We believe in communication. In any relationship, good communication is key. We understand the importance of clear communication on budgets, timelines, expectations, and needs. Our first official design meeting will involve thoughtful conversations about your lifestyle and goals to give us a deep understanding of how you want your space to feel and function. Throughout the process, you can expect frequent check-ins, interactive purchasing schedules, and daily updated construction schedules. During every step of the process, Erika and the team are available to communicate, collaborate, and listen.

We believe in details. In design and construction, the devil is in the details. We’re passionate about every single one. From finding the proper mix of visual texture, to complicated cabinetry installation, to changing your air filters during construction, we meditate on every aspect of your project.

We believe in the greater good. As a woman-owned and operated company, we use our voice and our talent to give back. In addition to repurposing and recycling construction material whenever possible, we take great pride in donating a portion of our profit from each project to local charitable organizations that protect our planet and amplify the voices of the underrepresented and those in need.

Would you like to meet Erika Jayne Design Build? Let's Chat! (Contact Us).


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