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What Makes A Good Contractor Great?

Unlocking the Secrets of Stellar Contracting with Erika Jayne Design Build

During a recent discovery call with a potential client I was asked questions about how I handle challenges on the job, like "How do you make sure your subcontractors show up?". You see this homeowner was speaking from a bad experience during a previous remodel and, rightfully so, he wanted to find out what sets us apart. After this call I was left thinking, what is it that makes a contractor not just good, but truly great. Throughout my 15 years in the remodeling industry, I've collaborated with more contractors than I can count (the good and the bad) and it's more than just bricks and beams; it's about orchestrating a symphony of skills and strategies. Let's dive into the art and science of exceptional contracting, i.e. what set's Erika Jayne Design + Build apart.

More Than a Hard Hat

Which is better for a shower wall, Hardibacker or Durock? Did you know that a 2x4 is actually 1-1/2" x 3-1/2"? Sure, a deep knowledge of construction methods and materials is important, but the real game-changer? Stellar project management. I've learned this first-hand, not only through my years in the field but also from my studies in construction management. A good contractor is like a maestro, ensuring every part of the project performs harmoniously, adapting to the unforeseen, and always keeping the end masterpiece in sight.

The Power of Project Management

At the heart of stellar project management are tools and strategies that keep everything aligned and transparent. For instance, I've integrated a live online schedule into our operations. This isn't just a timetable; it's a dynamic tool that notifies clients of updates in real-time, keeping them engaged and informed every step of the way. Communication is key, and that's why we maintain a central hub where all project documents are accessible, ensuring everyone from clients to subcontractors is on the same page.

The Project Bible: Our Holy Grail

Onsite, our teams swear by what I fondly refer to as the 'Project Bible.' This isn't your average binder; it's the holy grail of our projects, containing every vital detail and plan. It's not just about organization; it's our commitment to precision and passion, bound together in every page.

The Network of Subcontractors

A contractor's effectiveness has everything to do with their network. Over the years, I've cultivated relationships with a cadre of skilled subcontractors, each bringing specialized expertise to the table. This network isn't just about having resources; it's about having the right people, the best in their fields, ready to bring their A-game to your project. After all, a contractor is only as good as their subs.

Scheduling Mastery

The project schedule is a critical tool, but its true effectiveness lies in how it's constructed and managed. I employ a critical path method, meticulously planning each phase while incorporating buffers to account for the inevitable delays and unforeseen challenges. And, by scheduling multiple tradespeople simultaneously, we ensure that if one can’t make it, the project doesn't come to a standstill. This isn't about rigid adherence to deadlines; it's about fluidly navigating the project landscape, ensuring that we maintain momentum while adapting to any situation.

A construction schedule depicting a critical path method. There are columns labeled, item, status, timeline, notes, and dependencies. The rows consist of the various tasks related to a residential remodel, like mobilization, plumbing disconnection, demo, etc.

The Perfectionist's Touch

Perhaps my type-A perfectionist nature is my secret weapon. I proudly wear this badge because it drives me to demand the best from myself and everyone involved in our projects. In the world of Erika Jayne Design Build, 'good enough' just doesn't cut it.

Wrapping It Up

So, what makes a good contractor great? It's about how effectively they manage the project, the tools they employ, the network they nurture, and the meticulous attention to every detail. At Erika Jayne Design Build, we embody this ethos in every project we undertake, ensuring that our clients' visions are realized beyond their expectations. Contact us, and experience the difference that a great contractor can make.



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