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As a licensed general contractor, Erika Jayne Design + Build takes projects from concept to completion all under one roof. After completion of the design process, the project seamlessly transitions into the construction phase. The design team becomes part of the project management team with no space for misinterpretation.

Many design-build firms are best described as construction firms that offer a design service. What makes us unique?

  • Apart from being women-owned, we are design-centric. During the design phase, our clients benefit from a full-service design experience without relying on outside vendors and consultants.

  • When it comes to the construction phase, since no two projects and no two families are alike we don't believe in a one-construction-team-fits-all approach. Instead, we take on a project management approach where we match your project with a construction team that is best suited to your project's unique needs. This allows you the opportunity to interview your construction team and us the opportunity to competitively bid your project.

  • Once your construction team is secured, your design team is still an integral part of the management making sure our vision, schedule and budget stay on track. 

Want to know what a typical project looks like? 

Are We The
Right Fit?

There’s no one way to design-build. The question is, which one is right for you? Here are 5 key questions that will help you to narrow down your choices and align you and your project with the right firm.

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