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Let's Chat ::  Whether we connect by phone or grab a coffee, we'll have questions for you and you for us. We'd like to get to know you, not only as client and consultant, but friend to friend. We'll discuss your project goals and what you can expect from EJ Design + Build.

Working Consultation ::  During a consultation we aren’t just listening and taking notes, this meeting takes place at the project site and is aimed at assessing the scope of work, educating you on our services, determining a working relationship, and brainstorming design ideas together-- it’s what we call a working consultation. 

Retainer & Agreements ::  This is when we formalize our working relationship. We send you a retainer agreement & design services agreement to review and sign. A retainer deposit is paid to secure our services and our next meeting is scheduled. You will receive a link to your online project dashboard where you have 24/7 access to your project files, where you will approve/decline material selections, and pay invoices.

Measure & Programming ::  We'll meet at the project site where we'll assess factors such as the site location, surroundings, and natural lighting. We'll delve into the details of the project and, if applicable, we'll take photos and measure the space. You'll want to have a few things on hand to assure we are prepared to move forward. 

  • For new construction, please have copies of any drawings you may have of the project. 

  • For remodels, please have a copy of your existing floor plan. If you don't have them, don't worry -- we can recreate them. 

  • Inspirational photos are incredibly helpful to get an idea of the final vision. 

If needed, we'll meet with your architect or any other consultants involved. 

Together we'll go over your wish list and brainstorm ideas. We'll want to know the details so we'll ask specific questions like, how do you plan to use the space? How many people will occupy the space? Will you mostly host casual or formal gatherings? We'll discuss the parameters and limitations, such as budget and timeline, and establish the scope of work. 

Design Development ::  In this phase of the process, the creative juices are flowing and we can't wait to share them with you! We're busy developing floor plans, furniture plans, color palettes, as well as selecting interior finishes such as, paint, wall covering, flooring, ceiling, lighting, trim, tile, countertops and cabinetry. 

Presentation & Refinement ::  Next, we meet to go over the new ideas for the space. You'll give us valuable feedback based on your preferences. From there, the refinement process begins. Working together we'll get real specific about the finishes and finalize those selections.

Construction Documents ::  We detail out the drawings so that we can propose the final bid for your project and get to work. Many times our projects require a building permit, this is when we develop those documents to submit for permitting.


Construction ::  There are so many moving parts during this phase of your project. Subcontractors are performing their work, your project schedule is live, and materials are being delivered and installed. Progress meetings are held with your project manager and designer. If required, county inspectors are being scheduled and we are being issued authorization to proceed to the next phase of construction. 

Project Close :: The design has come to life! Our tools are packed but before we leave we make sure all of the finishing touches and touch-ups are taken care of. You get to enjoy your new space and we'll be checking-in to make sure of it! 


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