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Erika Jayne


I've felt a calling to create and explore since I can remember. I've always loved exploring different mediums and forms of art -- pottery, painting, charcoal drawings, rug weaving -- A multi-hyphenate in the making! As a young adult, while friends were moving into their dorm rooms, I took the road less traveled and backpacked all over South America and Europe. I studied language, culture, art and architecture, not from a book or a classroom setting, but from visiting cities, villages, temples, museums, and street markets. I eventually settled in Brussels, Belgium as a student of interior architecture. After five years abroad, I returned to the DC area to continue my studies in interior design and construction management. 

My aesthetic approach to design today is a culmination of my desire to create and explore. I still take the road less traveled through my work by mixing genres of styles, raw materials with refined, pushing comfort zones and taking risks--all while paying homage to the architecture of the home.  

Home is in Bethesda, Maryland with my husband, son and daughter, and two rescued labs. I'd say my favorite moments are spent piled up in bed with them, ALL OF THEM, painting in my home studio, and treasure hunting at local antique shops, estate sales, and consignment stores. Always in search of that one-of-a-kind piece that will be given new life in my clients' home.

Erika Chaudhuri of Erika Jayne Design in a modern chic dining room. Erika Jayne Design is a Maryland based interior design firm servng the Washingon, DC area.


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