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Erika Jayne


Erika Chaudhuri is not just the founder of Erika Jayne Design + Build; she's a born creator and explorer. From her early days experimenting with pottery and painting to backpacking through the vibrant landscapes of South America and Europe, Erika has always been on a quest for inspiration. These travels, rich in culture and architecture, weren't just journeys; they were her education.

Brussels, Belgium, became her classroom, where she studied interior architecture. After a five-year sojourn, she returned to the DC area and expanded her expertise with studies in interior design and construction management. Before starting her firm, Erika garnered years of experience working as an architectural designer and project manager for award-winning design/build and kitchen & bath firms in the area, shaping her unique design-forward approach to design/build.

As principal designer, Erika's philosophy is as eclectic as her experiences. She has a knack for mixing raw with refined and crafting spaces that are not just seen but felt. Her work is an homage to the architecture she respects and the stories her clients want to tell. In her role as a general contractor, Erika brings a profound understanding of the construction process, ensuring that her designs are not only beautiful but also practical and sustainable.

At home, Erika treasures moments piled up in bed with her family, painting in her studio, or hunting for the next unique piece that will breathe new life into her clients' homes. With every design, Erika invites you to take the road less traveled, promising a creative journey filled with discovery -- and a side of fun! 

 A woman with dark hair and glasses is sitting on a white sofa in a modern, stylish living room. She is wearing a dark, long-sleeved top and black jeans. The room is decorated with various items including a large potted plant, a wooden horse sculpture, and a stack of books on a black coffee table. There is also a colorful abstract painting on the wall behind her. The overall aesthetic of the room is minimalist and contemporary.

photo credit: Ian Michelman

A woman with long, reddish-brown hair stands in a modern kitchen. She is wearing a black blazer, a beige top, black pants, and cowboy boots. The kitchen features light wood cabinets with brass handles, a dark green tiled backsplash, and a wooden countertop. A Persian-style rug lies on the dark tiled floor. There is a large vase with dark red foliage on the counter, and stainless steel appliances, including a stove and a sink with a brass faucet, are visible. The overall style of the kitchen is elegant and contemporary with rustic touches.



Jayme joins the team with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and background in luxury kitchens & baths. Her additional experience in management and professional photography give her a mastery of organization and a unique eye for detail. She believes that design should not be constrained by labels; and that individual style is a reflection of sentimentality and functionality mixed with carefully edited bold details.

photo credit: Ian Michelman

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