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“We commit to designing and building the beautiful backdrops against which our clients experience their lives. We are honored by the trust our clients impart to us to select the sofa on which emotional conversations will take place, and to build the kitchen island on which a young chef will create many delicacies. A well-designed home has the power to evoke feelings of joy, pride, and inspiration; quality build allows those feelings to endure. It is our privilege and our promise to design and build beautiful spaces within which our clients and all who enter will experience emotion and life. “

modern art, leather lounge chairs with straps, indoor potted plant, sheer curtains, upholstered sofa

We Are

WE ARE DESIGN-CENTRIC. We are a residential remodeling firm driven by design. We believe in the power a well-designed space has on the lives of our clients and their families. Our focus is to create beautiful spaces that evoke emotion through in-depth discussions, detailed architectural plans, quality construction, and expertly sourced selections and furnishings.  


WE ARE HIGH-TECH. We use the latest technology in all stages of our process. From 3D renderings of the proposed design to getting live updates on the construction schedule as changes are made, our clients benefit from our use of the most innovative design and communication tools available. 


WE ARE WOMAN-OWNED. Erika Jayne Chaudhuri is the owner, operator, general contractor, and the creative force behind Erika Jayne Design + Build. EJDB is part of a small minority of US construction businesses owned by women. We take great pride in being a woman-owned and operated company that values and promotes diversity and equality in the workplace and beyond.


WE ARE DESIGN-BUILD. Our design and build services are catered to homeowners who don’t have the time or care to individually contract a kitchen/bath designer, interior designer, architect, engineer, and contractor for their remodeling needs. We deliver all of the disciplines under one roof with a high standard for bespoke design, quality craftsmanship, and accountable project management. 

WE ARE COMMUNITY-FOCUSED. It’s incredibly important for us to give back to our community, amplify the voices of the underrepresented and those in need, and protect our planet. Not only is this part of our core values and mission, we put it into action! Aside from volunteering to charities we support and repurposing and recycling construction materials whenever possible, we take great pride and pleasure in donating a portion of our profit from each project to local charitable organizations.


Helping families build and improve places to call home through affordable housing. 

Shelters, supports and empowers survivors of domestic violence and their children, while providing leadership and education. 

Rescuing and advocating for animals in the DC area.

Advancing equity in the greater Washington, DC region by furnishing homes for those in need, providing skills training, and by engaging in advocacy to address the root causes of poverty.

Educating, connecting, and supporting LGBTQ+ families and parents-to-be. 

Protecting and restoring the Anacostia River for all who live, work and play in its watershed.

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