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A spacious kitchen with a blend of modern and traditional elements. The wooden cabinetry has a rich texture and is complemented by a white marble countertop. Open shelving above the sink area displays an assortment of bowls, books, and plants, creating a homely atmosphere. The kitchen island in the foreground also features the same marble countertop, and is adorned with a large vase containing greenery and a wooden bowl of fresh fruit. A stainless steel refrigerator stands to the right, and cooking utensils are neatly arranged next to the gas stove. The herringbone patterned backsplash adds a subtle geometric touch, and the space is illuminated by multiple round ceiling lights. A woven rug on the floor adds warmth to the scene.

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Erika Jayne Design + Build redefines residential remodeling, delivering spaces that embody thoughtful collaboration, architectural precision, and construction excellence, complemented by a discerning selection of furnishings and finishes. Our team embraces a hands-on approach, guiding clients with meticulous care from design's first sketch to construction's final flourish. We uphold the highest standards of communication, detail-focused design, and rigorous project management to ensure that your home's transformation is not just completed to perfection but also resonates with your personal sense of sanctuary.

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