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Putting a Pause on Pinterest

Why your design journey should go beyond the boards.

Hey there, design dreamers! Ever find yourself tumbling down the rabbit hole of Pinterest boards and Insta feeds, filling up your brain with a zillion home design ideas? I totally get it, in fact, I encourage it. But, (and it's a big 'but'!), there comes a moment in our design adventure where we ask you to hit pause on Pinterest. Here's why:

A collage of pinterest images used in Erika Jayne Design Build's design process.

Above: Snippet of Erika Jayne Design Build's Pinterest feed

The Paradox of Choice

Ever felt like a kid in a candy store, overwhelmed by all the choices? That's what too many design options can do. Every new pin or Insta save might make things fuzzier instead of clearer. By taking a break from these platforms, we help you zoom in on what you really want, minus the noise of endless options.

Trusting the Design Process

We've meticulously crafted a design process that not only respects but cherishes your initial spark of inspiration. We take the seed of the idea and nurture it through professional expertise, personalized attention, and a deep understanding of your individual style. It's a delicate balance between inspiration and execution, and when we ask clients to refrain from 'window shopping' for ideas, it's to safeguard the integrity and progress of this unique process.

Avoiding the Spiral of Second-Guessing

Indecision is the archenemy of progress. While it’s natural to question your choices, an influx of new ideas during the design phase can lead to chronic second-guessing. This not only clouds your vision but can result in a disjointed aesthetic. The truth is, the 'perfect' design is the one that resonates with you, not the one that's trending.  Stick to your guns and your vision, and watch your space become authentically yours.

Cost Efficiency and Time Management Every time a new idea is introduced, it has a ripple effect on both the timeline and the budget. Those spur-of-the-moment "What about this?!" emails, while exciting, often mean rethinking materials, labor, budgets, and even permits. And as appealing as that kitchen in the latest magazine spread may be, it can lead to revisions that not only delay the project but also inflate costs—funds that could otherwise be allocated towards unique elements, like that vintage rug you’ve been eyeing.

Fostering Originality At Erika Jayne Design Build, our ethos is centered on creating spaces that are original and authentic to you. When you look back at your space years from now, I want you to remember the conversations and choices that led to its creation—the personal touches, not just the trends of the day. Reducing the noise from external sources allows us to hone in on what is truly you.

Our Promise To You We don't just design spaces; we curate experiences. Our promise to you is a thoughtful, streamlined, and highly personalized design journey. Yes, revisions are a part of the process, and we welcome them at the appropriate times. But trust in the path we pave together, and you’ll find that the result is not just a space that looks like it leaped off a Pinterest board, but one that truly feels like home.

So, let’s put that Pinterest app to rest and watch as your vision, guided by expertise and refined by restraint, turns into a reality that is as timeless as it is timely.

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