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What is “Design + Build” anyway?

Traditionally in the world of renovation, the design and construction processes are separate. After the "Design Phase", a thoughtful design is passed from the desk of an architect or designer to a separate independent general contractor or construction company to start the "Build Phase". As a licensed general contractor, Erika Jayne Design + Build can take projects from concept to completion all under one roof. The design is the heartbeat and the soul of a project. Now, it is the voice and the hands as well. After completion of the design process, the project seamlessly transitions into the construction phase with your design team still an integral part of that next phase. The design team partners with the construction team to become the project management team, with no space for misinterpretation.

Why is the Design + Build approach so great?

As renovation projects notoriously present unexpected changes and surprises, this transition from design to construction can lead to mixed messages, missed opportunities, and poor execution. Skilled contractors will always present great solutions to every problem, but they may not be the best aesthetic and functional choice for a design project. Average contractors may not fully read design plans or may cut corners to save cost and time at the expense of the desired design.

Utilizing only trusted tradespeople who are great communicators and craftsmen, timelines for Erika Jayne Design + Build projects can move easily into production by skipping the traditional, time consuming processing of “bidding” out a project to multiple subcontractors. The design/project management team is on the job site with every tradesperson to introduce the project, oversee key milestones, and collaborate on all decisions. From electrical fixture placement to hardware installation, to ensuring tidy lines of caulking, every detail is crafted with the finished design in mind.

How is Erika Jayne Design different from other firms that offer design and construction services?

Simply put, Erika Jayne Design is design focused. While some other construction firms may offer a design service, this often means there is a designer on staff or that they will provide floorplans and layouts. Typically, they lean heavily on trade partners (like tile, plumbing, and cabinetry showrooms) to help make finish and fixture selections. This means clients may be expected to make trips to these partners to make selections and bring the space to life themselves.

We want the process to be simple, clear, and low-stress for our clients. During the design phase, finish options, detailed plans, and furniture selections that create a cohesive project are presented in-home via samples and mood boards. Two- and three-dimensional plans and renderings allows clients to truly visualize the space before construction. Clear, interactive construction schedules are accessible every day to know exactly what's happening on the jobsite daily. Changes and obstacles are handled by the same design team that developed the plans with aesthetics, function, and cost in mind.

Working with Erika Jayne Design, clients can rest easy knowing that their project will be designed and constructed with the highest level of quality and attention to detail from start to finish, without skipping a beat!

To read more about the process of working with Erika Jayne Design + Build, visit our Process page or contact us to get started with your next project. We can’t wait to work with you.


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