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We were tasked with reimagining the kitchen, family room, and foyer of a home cherished for over three decades. As seasoned professionals and empty nesters, they desired a blend of style and substance to elevate their home. This redesign was more than a mere refresh—it was an evolution for the homeowners’ next chapter in life.


Interior Architecture

We envisioned the kitchen not just as a space for culinary pursuits, but as a dynamic and open heart of the home, blending kosher functionality with personal storytelling. We created zoned areas where every inch has a purpose. The range wall, with a floating shelf, became a canvas displaying the homeowners’ collected artistry from their travels. Flanking the sink, two stately pocket door cabinets: one for him, one for her, each a personal alcove for their individual morning rituals. 


The living area received a breath of contemporary air with the conversion of the original wood trimmed, wood-burning fireplace to a sleek gas ensemble. Here, black ceramic fireballs offer a visual and ambient warmth, cradled by the elegance of a custom-cast stone surround and hearth. The once familiar fireplace now commands the room with a modern gravitas. 


Interior Design

A wooden horse, the homeowner’s endearing vintage find, set the tone for the interior design, encapsulating a sophisticated yet laid-back vibe. The design married the clean lines of modernity with the richness of organic textures. These spaces were designed to wear its elegance lightly, ready to host dinner parties yet resilient enough for impromptu grandkid visits. A washable slipcovered sofa provides a cozy spot to nestle with the family's Bernedoodle, and the treasured wooden horse takes center stage perched atop vintage art books on the grand 5ft x 5ft coffee table, embodying the design's dual spirit of elegance and ease. With a commitment to blending modern and vintage elements, the home now features a carefully selected mix of art and collectibles, celebrating the homeowners' life journey and personal tastes.

Location: Rockville, MD

Photography: Ian Michelman

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