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Hard to believe but this home was stuck in the 90's when our client's purchased it. We were faced with linoleum countertops, a sunk-in living room, a decked tub, a color palette of brown and beige, and a kitchen floor plan that didn't work for modern day families.


Interior Architecture.

Major layout changes involving removing walls, raising the living room floor, and relocating doors allowed us to create light, bright, expansive spaces for our new home owners.


Interior Design.

A soft monochromatic palette serves as a neutral foundation and will pair well with any decorative changes through the years. Kid-friendly textiles and materials were sourced that will stand the test of time, and any two-year old!

The final result, a home that this young famly can grow into for many years to come. 

Location: McLean, VA

Photography: Christy Kosnic 

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