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The Fair Hill Project Reveal

Crafting a Modern Home for Family, Food, and Fun

 A spacious kitchen with a blend of modern and traditional elements. The wooden cabinetry has a rich texture and is complemented by a white marble countertop. Open shelving above the sink area displays an assortment of bowls, books, and plants, creating a homely atmosphere. The kitchen island in the foreground also features the same marble countertop, and is adorned with a large vase containing greenery and a wooden bowl of fresh fruit. A stainless steel refrigerator stands to the right, and cooking utensils are neatly arranged next to the gas stove. The herringbone patterned backsplash adds a subtle geometric touch, and the space is illuminated by multiple round ceiling lights. A woven rug on the floor adds warmth to the scene.

Photo: Ian Michelman

Let's take a virtual stroll through our Fair Hill project, shall we? Imagine a home, circa 2010, ripe for a revamp to become the ultimate backdrop for those sizzling cooking marathons and laughter-filled family soirees. This was our canvas at Erika Jayne Design + Build, where we crafted not just a space, but a sanctuary for both the young ones to scamper about and the grown-ups to clink glasses.



Photos: Ian Michelman

The heartbeat of our reimagining was, undoubtedly, the kitchen. We waved goodbye to a corner walk-in pantry, paving the way for more counter space around the 48" BlueStar range and an elongated pantry wall. The additional space on the range wall became the stage for a 72" custom-designed range hood, a true centerpiece. The pantry wall features a 48" subzero, a pantry with rollouts and spice organizers, and two coveted pocket door pantry cabinets, both equipped with a backsplash and countertop that effortlessly transitions into a dedicated coffee station and baking hub when opened.

The interior design narrative speaks of custom touches and thoughtful detailing. The cabinetry, a marriage of painted finishes and warm natural hickory tones, offers a personalized touch that resonates with the home's modern sensibilities. The custom bar hutch is a standout piece, strategically positioned to cater to lively pool parties and social gatherings. This unit, adorned in a sleek black paint exterior with a contrasting natural hickory interior, features integrated library sconces that cast a warm glow over the paneled wine and beverage fridges below. When the bifold glass doors recede, a stone countertop emerges as the perfect stage for crafting cocktails.

Nestled in the heart of Fair Hill's eat-in kitchen is a custom dining table handcrafted by the talented Maryland-based Relic Table Co. More than just a surface for meals, this ebonized white oak table rich in color and character, stands as a testament to the local craftsmanship and the spirit of family gatherings. Surrounded by kid-friendly soft caramel leather chairs, it's a focal point where memories are made, stories are shared, and messes are effortlessly wiped clean!

Slip into the bathroom, and it's like entering a minimalist's daydream. The vanity echoes the warmth of the kitchen's woodwork, yet the concrete sink whispers of modernity and cool elegance. The globe pendant light? A nod to the retro, casting a soft glow over what feels like a spa retreat.

At Fair Hill, every inch is meticulously crafted to be as robust and ready for a bustling houseful as it is serene for a quiet evening in. It's where design meets life, where every corner is a conversation starter, and every detail sings of style-meets-function.

See more photos of the Fair Hill project and other EJDB projects in our Portfolio.



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