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Unveiling a Garden-Inspired Kitchen Remodel

Where nature meets nurture, this is where the heart is.

A modern kitchen featuring earthy tones with light-stained alder cabinets and walnut countertops. A zellige tile backsplash in shades of green surrounds the range hood and stove area. The room includes brass fixtures, a gold vase with red foliage on the island, and a patterned rug on the slate floor.

Erika here, and I'm thrilled to walk you through one of our latest transformations that's close to my heart. Nestled within the vibrant greens of our client's well-manicured garden, we've crafted a kitchen remodel that's a nod to Mother Nature herself.

a dog in a messy and outdated kitchen

THE BEFORE: Let's rewind the tape a bit. Our canvas was a charming 1950s rambler that had been touched by the '90s... and not in the best way. We stumbled upon a central staircase (not a fan favorite), and an awkward beam and posts around the stairwell that felt like they were gatecrashing an otherwise spacious party. So, what did we do? We showed them the door! By removing the posts, we welcomed back the open plan that this home deserved. But we didn't stop there...

THE AFTER: The challenge of designing around a central staircase when the goal is an open floor plan required creativity and strategic planning. We had to ensure the staircase remained a functional and aesthetic centerpiece without disrupting the flow of the space. Through thoughtful design and clever use of materials, we transformed the staircase into an architectural highlight, seamlessly integrating it into the open layout while maintaining the home's structural integrity and enhancing its overall appeal. In place of isolation, we sought integration. Imagine stepping through the door to find two of the three knee walls previously encircling the central stairwell replaced with a welcoming wood railing that echoes the home’s original hardwoods. This not only enhanced openness but also created a visual harmony that leads the eye to the pièce de résistance – a knee wall dressed in the most exquisite zellige tiles.

Oh, and these tiles! Handcrafted and unique in various shades of green that echo the lushness outside. We chose this color for its serene vibes, knowing how much our client adores it. The hood and range backsplash, swathed in these green gems, stand proudly as the heart of the design.

The cabinets? We went with light-stained alder, allowing the wood's natural charm to shine through. Below, the slate floor tiles are a homage to quaint garden pathways. And where the hands meet the heart of the kitchen, walnut countertops are paired with the resilience of quartzite, offering a harmonious blend of warmth and sophistication.

Last but not least, the raw brass finishes. Like the leaves that change hues with the seasons; they age gracefully, developing a rich patina that tells a story of gatherings, meals, and moments shared.

So, step into this space where every corner, every texture, every hue is a tribute to the natural world. It's a place where cooking is not just a routine but a celebration of life and nature's bounty.

Thanks for stopping by, and I can't wait to hear what you think about our garden-inspired kitchen. Where nature meets nurture, this is where the heart is.

For more about this project, click here. And if you're looking for a garden-inspired kitchen remodel, or curious to know what inspiration we can explore for your spaces, let's chat!

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