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Artist Spotlight: HeyJa Do

Ceramic and visual art artist, fashion designer

As designers we are always on the hunt for an artist who creates a broad range of pieces that can elevate any room. When we found HeyJa Do on Instagram it was one of those pages you can scroll through for hours! Each piece cohesive but so unique and beautiful in its own way. We knew we wanted to share more about HeyJa's work as well as her story.

HeyJa Do is a fashion designer, visual art and ceramic artist based in New York. In 1992 she started her career as a fashion designer in Korea then in 2007 founded her company Dear:Rivington+, a vintage modern boutique, with her husband Moon Rhee in New York. 

As a Creative Director collaborating with ceramic artists, she felt pushed to explore ceramics as another medium to express herself in 2016. Since then she has been self-taught and created a distinctly unique, trademark style. HeyJa’s work has been exhibited in several large galleries and hotels, as well as admired by many architects, interior designers and private clients.

HeyJa's pieces showcase organic form, creativity and tell an authentic story that can add texture and interest to any room or space. HeyJa's work is personally designed showing natural and sculptural forms, these ceramics explore shapes and textures while still maintaining a minimalistic essence.

contemporary organic pottery made by ceramicist HeyJa Do

contemporary organic pottery in a contrasting finish made by ceramicist HeyJa Do
contemporary organic pottery with a textural finish made by ceramicist HeyJa Do
sculptural pottery made by contemporary ceramicist HeyJa Do

Each and every piece goes through months of intricate hand work by HeyJa in New York. A dense sculpting clay is first hand formed, then glazed. Next a proprietary black or white terra sigillata is added. Lastly, a brushed on slip that precedes the first century is used to finish the surface which creates its cracked exterior effect. They are not only functional pieces but sculptural objects. The works are curated to work well collectively and as an independent piece to elevate any space. HeyJa's experimentation with pattern, texture, form and functionality would draw any designers eye, and inspire creativity.

You can Find HeyJa Do Pottery on Instagram or her website.


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