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Artist Spotlight: Ashley Finnemore

Abstract Visual Artist

Sometimes you find an artist who creates inspiring and beautiful work piece after piece. Ashley Finnemore is a visual artist who creates large scale art, exploring texture and a large neutral color palette through multiple mediums. Ashley's work makes designers excited to fill the walls of their clients homes and their own homes, with her truly stunning pieces.

Erika Jayne Design Build loves the beautiful abstract work of contemporary artist Ashley Finnemore

A Georgia native, Finnemore studied Art History and French at Schiller International University in Strasbourg, France and then graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Atlanta. After working in design in Atlanta and Jacksonville, she and her husband returned to her hometown of Cartersville to raise their two girls.

This move allowed her to re-focus her work as she saw the world anew through their eyes: wide with wonder and full of curiosity. Their questions unbound by the rules and restrictions that had slowly accumulated in her mind, exchanging them for a simple reverence for goodness.

Finnemore works primarily in paint and non-traditional materials, and her connection to the natural world is evident in the honest, uninhibited expression of her abstract work, as well as the focus of her chiaroscuro pieces.

Where to find Ashley Finnemore

Find Finnemore on Instagram @ashleyfinnemore or her website. Check out a Fall inspired living room design board where we included one of Ashley's pieces.


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