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Retail Therapy: Autumn Textures and Layers

A Living Room that Manifests Pumpkin Spice And Crunchy Leaves.

Oh, how we adore the transition into fall! Perhaps the only thing more satisfying than crunching a perfectly crispy leaf under a heeled leather boot is transforming our homes into cozy, autumn hideaways. Seasonal transitions are the perfect time to update the warmth and story of a space. While core furniture and finishes should remain, change out decorative elements like rugs, pillows, window treatments, lighting, and artwork to more seasonably appropriate textures. For autumn textures and layers, focus on warm tones, natural materials and soft, heavy textiles.

Now's the time to change light, summer window treatments in favor of deep-hued, heavy textiles. Dried leaves in a hand-thrown vase can mimic the season while adding visual texture to a sideboard or dining table. Add depth to your space with pillows in neutral patterns and subtle fall hues. This is a great opportunity to incorporate tribal patterns and vintage fabrics! Dark, warm wood tones and warm, organic pottery can be added to lighting, accessories, and accent furniture pieces. To really create a dramatic transformation, rearrange artwork in favor of a more neutral, abstract piece. (<<Check out the great work of Ashley Finnemore in this feature post>>). For bonus points, add a vintage rug with subtle fall hues (like this one we love from our local favorite: Passerine).

A fall mood board consisting of an earthy color palette, sculptural home decor, and vintage textiles.

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Autumn Textures and Layers In Your Living Room.
A living room mood board inspired by earthy colors and modern and vintage design elements.

Furnishings available through Erika Jayne Design



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