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Transplants from California, our clients were used to an open-airy vibe. However, the original kitchen layout was anything but. Situated at the back of the home it felt like a dead-end closed off from the rest of the home. 


Interior Architecture.

A large cased opening was created on a shared dining room wall. The dining room was relocated to allow for a family room off of the newly designed kitchen. These minimal changes gave the home a new traffic flow, sightlines, and a much needed connection across rooms.


Interior Design.

A balanced mix of inset and frameless cabinetry in four different finishes made this small kitchen big on style. Rich terracottas and wood grains provide the perfect dose of warmth to contrast a classic b&w foundation. Decorative elements provide color and texture such as a vintage runner, a commissioned painting (by Erika!), and decorative lighting in a stained wood finish. 

Location: Bethesda, MD

Photography: Jenn Verrier

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