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Inspired by the meticulous landscaping of the client's home, we chose a garden-inspired theme for our design journey, focusing on organic shapes, earthy textures, and soothing colors.

Interior Architecture
Starting with a 1950s rambler that underwent a 90s renovation, we encountered an awkward, unnecessary beam and posts around the stairwell, disrupting the open space. We removed these elements for a truer open plan. Two of the three knee walls surrounding the central stairwell were replaced with a wood railing matching the original hardwoods, enhancing openness and connecting the entrance to a visually striking zellige-tiled knee wall.

Interior Design

The walls, graced by handcrafted zellige tiles, celebrate nature in varied shades and textures. The green-tiled hood and range backsplash, chosen for the client's affinity for the color's calming aura, stands as the design's centerpiece. Light-stained alder cabinets emphasize their natural grain, while slate floor tiles evoke garden pathways. Walnut countertops, paired with durable quartzite, offer a harmonious blend of warmth and sophistication. Lastly, the unlacquered brass finishes, akin to the dynamic elements of nature, age gracefully, adopting a rich patina over time.


Location: Silver Spring, MD

Photography: Ian Michelman

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